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Ahn Seung-Joon(Vocal) / Lee Hae-Wan(Guitar) / Ju Yoon-Ha(Bass)  /  Seo Sang-Joon (Drum)


Vodka Rain started their career in January 2005, as they won the best band of SKY Indie ground Competition. They played at Pentaport Rock Festival 2006 and their performance received positive reviews both by the audience and the critics. It was unusual for a band which yet had not released any official record to play at such a huge stage.


 In 2007, the band released their Britpop-style first full-length record, 'Wonder Years.' The singer Ahn Seung Joon, who is an art school graduate, designed the cover of the album and the posters, and also directed the general direction of the band. 


 Vodka Rain released their second official record 'Flavor' in 2008. While they performed the single track '100 percent' at many shows, they started to get recognitions from music fans and general audience.

Until now, they released three full-length albums and two EP albums



2007.  3.    

1st < The Wonder Years >


2008. 11.

2nd < Flavor >           


2009. 11.               

EP < Hangover >


2011. 12. 

3th < Faint >


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