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OOHYO's first EP album 'Girl sense'

Hi I’m OOHYO and this is my first EP album, Girl Sense.

I think writing music is like taking pictures, both ways of capturing a moment’s feelings and thoughts.

I wrote the songs for this album to put together images and monologues of my late teens and early twenties, that sometimes thrill me, sometimes turn me melancholy, sometimes leave me unsure or unaware of my own feelings.

Though I’m only beginning to discover my own potentials as a musician, I hope this album serves as hope and encouragement to those who can identify with it. Thanks for checking it out.

Track List

1. This Is Why We're Breaking Up 02:21

2. Motorcycle 03:47

3. Vineyard 03:24

4. Girl Sense (소녀감성 100퍼센트) 04:28

5. Piano Dust 03:51

6. Teddy Bear Rises 04:11

7. Vineyard(Korean Ver.) 03:24

8. Girl Sense 100% (Radio Edit) 03:50

You can get.

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