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Island City

Lee Jihee (Vocals), Jung Yeonsoo (Guitar), Arumi (Bass Guitar), Uhm Sangmin (Drums)


Island City, which has a unique combination of one male guitarist with three other girls -a singer, a drummer, and a bassist- had built their musical craftsmanship for more than two years since 2004.

In 2006 the band impressed the audience with their first full-length record which was recommended by thirteen live music clubs of the Hong-Dae area.

Island City started grabbing the music fans' attention with their first sold out show, and they kept marching as they were selected as the artist of the month by MTV Korea with I dream your happy princess, the band also stayed the top of the Ghost Nation chart for four weeks




2006.   5.        EP  < Love Story >                      

2008.   3.        Single  < Chili Sauce >             

2010. 10.        1st < Island city >                     

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