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Kim Min-Kyu (Vocal & Guitar) / Yun Jun-Ho(Vocal & Bass)


In the mid-1990s, DELISPICE released their fist album 'Deli Spice'

This album was the first album to introduce alternative rock in Korean popular music scene.


The album's title song 'Chow Chow' is regarded as a historical masterpiece and ranked Top 10 album of Korean pop music.

Even after the first album's big hit, DELISPICE continuously has made hit songs like 'Turn on the engine', 'Confession', which have caused a great sensation in Korean rock scene.


DELISPICE that had been performed numerous domestic and international live as headliner of music festival was on stage again

as headliner of 'Jisan Valley Rock Festival' in July 2011 and released

7th album 'Open Your Eyes' in September.


Until now, they released eight albums and continue to the next album is expected to announce.



1997. 8.    

1st < deli spice >

 Chow Chow(mega hit!)

1999. 3.

2nd < welcome to the delihouse >           

 Riding a bike

2000. 2.               

3rd <Sad but True >

 Truth about cats and birds

2001. 9. 

4th < D >

 Turn on the engine(mega hit!)

2003. 2. 

5th < Espresso >

Confession(mega hit!)

2006. 2. 

6th < Bombom >

Missing you

2011. 9. 

2012. 8. 

2014. 3.


EP < Contact>

Single < Time Machine>


Goodbye Sadness


Time Machine


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