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Nine (Vocals and Guitar) / Yong Rin (Vocals and Guiatar) / Elang (Vocals and Bass Guitar) / Kwang Suk (Vocals and Drums) / Jung A (Vocals and Keyboards)

Dear Cloud is a five piece alternative rock band from Korea. They formed in 2005 and in 2007 the band released first full self-titled album. The stand out single from the album titled 'Ice Fortress' quickly became an overnight hit and still remains popular within the Korean alternative music scene.

They released their second album titled 'Grey' in 2008 and an EP 'Take the Air' in 2010 both of which garnered great acclaim form local music critics and local music fans. They have played at several music festivals and appeared on local TV and radio shows. Dear Cloud members list their early influences as Coldplay and Damien Rice. Yong Rin, the guitarist of the band has also been involved in the production of albums for other local alternative rock bands. Nine, the vocalist of Dear Cloud has published a book about her travels around Europe. Each of the five members represent their own musical and artistic talents The band always tries to make emotional, touching music with each member involved in the song writing process.


2007. 11.   1st  <Dear Cloud>

2008. 10.   2nd <Grey>

2010.   8.    EP <Take The Air>

2011.   6.   3th <Bright Lights>

2011. 12.    DS <Merry Christmas & Farewell> 

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